Organisation troubles? Small business owners, I have a solution for you…

Trello is one of the best tools to keep small businesses organised. There, I said it! Trello is such a simple way of communicating with others and keeping everything tidy. Regardless of whether you’re a business owner or not, I’m sure you will nod when I say staying organised is a difficult task. With a team to run too, Trello is honestly our godsend and we can’t not tell you about it.

In this blog, I will show you how team MLC use Trello, and why you should definitely be using it for your business!

What is Trello? Feel free to skip this part if you already know about it!

Trello is an online and visual organisation tool. It’s free (with extras at a price) and has everything you need to keep organised. You can have multiple different boards for different purposes. There are boxes which separate into columns, which you can title. For example, you can have columns titled “To Do”, “Doing”, “Done” and “Notes”. Then you can add cards underneath, which are essentially bullet points. Once you’ve added a card, you can embed information inside it such as images, checklists and due dates, which you can also see in a visual calendar within Trello!

So, going back to the example, you can add a due date to something on the “To Do” list and you will get notified when that date arrives. One of the best parts about Trello (in my opinion, anyway!) is that you can then drag and drop this card into the “Done” column once you’ve finished. This is so easy and keeps everything super tidy!

Someone using Trello

How we use Trello and how it helps our organisation!

Personally, I think that THE best thing about Trello is that you can have other members on the board. This means they can add to the board in the same way as you can. This is fantastic for teams to communicate and for team members to talk to their clients, in our case. Here are some examples showing how we use it:

Team Boards

The creative director of MLC, Max, has different boards for every service we provide. So, there’s a Social Media board, a Web Design board etc. and the social media managers are on the first board and then…you get the gist! Just so you can get an idea on how we actually use the boards, here are some quick examples. Someone might have a client who adds requests for social media content to the board. He then gets notified and moves the card into the “In Progress” list and sets himself a due date. Once done, he moves it into the “Completed” list, they get notified and then they can move it into the “Scheduled” section. As a little bonus, using a tool called IFTTT, everytime a post is completed, it automatically keeps track in a spreadsheet, so the amount of social media content created that month is organised. This workflow works super well. All of this saves digging out information from a thread of emails, yep, we’ve all been there!

The managers can also set cards about what they do for each client so that Max can easily oversee their work.

Trello organisation tool

(Ignore the black marks – they are not part of Trello!)

Client-To-Team-Member Boards

This is where I can write about my experience with Trello! I’m Rhianna, a social media manager at MLC, and I use Trello to talk to all of my clients. I have separate boards for each and I have Max as a third member on each board, so that he can stay in the loop! As you can see, for this particular client (who is a lifestyle blogger), I have the following columns….

Trello Organisation for Small Business

For this client, I post to her Instagram, Facebook and Google+ pages. Take a look at the above picture – each title here should be pretty self-explanatory. What is great about the specific columns that I have is that, because I post to her Instagram regularly, she can easily attach pictures onto Trello for me to use (saves emailing them!). She can also tell me about any upcoming competitions/notes about her blogs, so that I can write and schedule posts about them.

If you are looking for unlimited Power-Ups including integrations with Google Hangouts, Google Drive, Dropbox and MailChimp, amongst other features, then maybe you should consider using the Business Class Plan for $9.99 a month per user. This is still such an affordable price and definitely worth considering if these add-ons would benefit you.

How does this help improve our organisation?

In short, here are some quick Trello takeaways…

  • Makes sure everyone reaches deadlines
  • Allows easy communication between team members and members to clients
  • Ensures that the business owner oversees and keeps track of everything
  • It’s a clear, visual, easy-to-use tool that you can also use out of the office, with their app
  • Instant notifications if changes are made to the board
  • Keeps everything neat, tidy and organised!

Let Max do the talking…

I asked Max a couple of questions about why he loves using Trello for MLC. Here’s what he had to say!

Max of Max Louis Creative

What do you love about Trello?

Trello is a general tool, not a to-do list. It’s not just about making sure you don’t forget to mow the lawn, but can actually be a sophisticated work space. Using a little bit of automation, I’m able to automatically have meetings post in a list. Why is that good? It keeps them in one place and notifies me by email and on my phone the day before and an hour before the meeting! We even managed to tie Google Sheets with Trello, to track every time a weekly task is completed, to keep count in a spreadsheet. We have used it for client communication, media uploading, project management…the “list” goes on.

Who would benefit the most from Trello?

I’d recommend it to anyone who spends their working hours on a computer. You can simplify your life with Trello and hand over any mundane admin tasks to automation. It becomes your PA!

Over to you…

What organisation tools do you use? Do you stick to paper notebooks or do you know another online organisation tool that you’d recommend to us? I’d love to hear your thoughts about this organisation tool and whether this blog has convinced you to switch things up and sign up to Trello!

If you already use it, do you use it differently to us? Feel free to check out our other blogs, which are primarily aimed at small business owners. Happy organising!