The Benefits of Having an Online, International Team

As some of you may know, Max Louis Creative are a team of freelancers from all over the world, including Argentina, Germany, Canada and of course, the UK and US. There are currently 10 creative team members (not all pictured below and yes, the ladies are slightly outnumbered at the moment!). However, we are often asked […]

Why We Use Siteground As Our Web Host

It is so important to have good website hosting. Any problems that you may have on your site need to be fixed ASAP and so having a reliable web hosting company is the easiest way to maintain your website. Makes sense, right? In this blog, I will be telling you our experience, and why Siteground […]

Why Art Style Is More Important Than Graphics in Game Design

I will begin this with the difference between graphics and art style in games… Generally, graphics are about the technical elements in the game – the pixels, the quality etc. Art style is about all of the art in the game – the colours, the lighting, the characters and basically the look of the game. […]

Why It’s Worth Getting Your Website Professionally Made

Why would you choose to have your website professionally made, when there are do-it-yourself options out there? I’ll tell you why. Making a website involves a lot more than just making it look pretty; websites are there to convert people into your customers, by persuading them to contact you. Your website is a huge, if […]

The Importance of Sound Design

Let’s begin with a mini quiz, before we discuss sound design. When you think about the following games/TV shows, in your head, what are the first sounds you think of? PAC-MAN Super Mario Scooby Doo Ok, let’s go through each one. We assume that you have played/watched at least one of these! “WAKKA-WAKKA” may have […]

Why Branding Isn’t Just About A Logo

Now, where do we get started on logos? Well, they are one of the first things that people will see when they come across your brand. People will make an immediate judgement about your brand based on the logo. It’s the apple to your pie (we’ll come back to this later). Before you continue reading, […]