So, you’ve decided to go down the route of using social media to help grow your business. But HAAAALT! Have you chosen to use bots? Ok, reverse, reverse, reverse. What if we told you that auto-posting to Facebook decreases likes and comments by 70%? (Credit: ADWEEK).

Before you commit to using unrealistic, automatic non-humans, have a read of this blog post, to realise why using them could ruin your social media platforms and brand. There’s an exclusive social media surprise at the end of this blog, so make you don’t miss it!

What you might be using bots for…

  1. Posting content
  2. Commenting on other people’s posts
  3. Following and unfollowing others

Whatever purpose you’re thinking about using them for, don’t! If you are already using them, maybe this blog will make you rethink (well, we hope so anyway!).

Why bots are a serious no go

They make your brand look false

Bots are impersonal and any human can spot them, so there is a huge element of falseness representing your brand. This means that potential customers are unlikely to trust you. Say, for example, you go to buy a new car and are greeted by robots with a plain facial expression and only respond to you in certain ways. This is exactly the same as bots engaging on social media. Your brand is as important online as it is offline!

Here’s a little statistic for you: 86% of consumers prefer an authentic and honest brand personality on social networks (credit:  Hubspot). Therefore, bots will lead to you losing potential customers and trust me, it’s easy to spot when a company is using them! This feedback is invaluable, especially as the whole point of having social media is to draw consumers in!

Social Media Bots Not Trustworthy

They lead to false/lack of genuine connection with others

One of the main reasons you’d have social media working alongside your business is to a) build an online presence and increase brand awareness and b) to build connections with consumers. We already stated that bots don’t help to build a good online presence. This second point would be difficult with bots due to them commenting on consumer’s posts, which would frustrate them and push them away. For example, I once saw a sad post where a blogger had written a post about their dog passing away. There was a comment underneath that said something along the lines of “Your dog is so cute! We’d love him/her to try out our doggy treat subscription box!”. Anyone can see that this is deeply inappropriate and something like this could ruin your business’s reputation.

It’s also worth noting that bots aren’t the most reliable at communicating with others; they might find accounts to comment on who are irrelevant to your business or make mistakes like the above example. Connecting with others is immensely important if you want people to trust and choose your business over your competitors. Bots doing this for you is risky and defeats the object of having social media in the first place. On another note, imagine the bots actually retweet your competitor’s posts, which is highly possible! Uh oh.

Social Media Management Platforms

They encourage false popularity

Going back to the point about bots following other accounts, this process leads to following people who are not from your specific target audience. This is wasting your time and you are likely to be missing out on people who would genuinely be interested in your brand.

Also, you are not the only business who is using/thinking about using bots, which means that other people can be doing the brutal follow/unfollow method to you (which is wasting yours and their time) AND you will be gaining followers from people who couldn’t give two hoots about your business. They are just following you for following you (and might unfollow you later on). Obviously, this is just time-wasting and unnecessary. This time could be spent more wisely on finding valuable, potential customers for your business and engaging with the customers you already have. These other bots following your accounts will never spend money or time on your business.

BTW, we HATE the follow/unfollow method with an absolute passion! We couldn’t even tell you the number of people who follow us about 3 times a week and unfollow us about an hour after following. It backfires on them because we end up blocking the account and bang, they’ve lost a potential customer. Is this how you want your brand to be perceived?

“Bots Are a No Go” Summary

As you can see, we are totally against the idea of bots and don’t recommend them. As a social media manager myself, I see bots all over social media and I immediately assume the brand behind them are either careless, lazy or not genuine. In fact, it feels as if there is no brand at all and is completely forgettable.

True success on social media requires a human touch with planned strategy. The social media platforms give you the tools to read your date and learn from it yourself. Of course, professional help can drastically improve your social media and save you time. More about this next…

Social Media Bots

But what choice do you have?

You might be reading this and agreeing with all of the points, but you’re also thinking “Well, what’s the alternative?”. I can’t stop you from using bots, but we don’t advise you use them as part of your social media strategy. Having actual human social media managers is a much better alternative. We’ve come up with a solution from just £199/$249 per month (if you can find it cheaper elsewhere, I’ll eat my hat!).

We offer affordable packages for social media management. From the very beginning of you starting with us, our social media managers work day in and day out to build your brand. As well as saving you time, they produce shareable content and find relevant people to interact with, whilst providing the most important thing – a human touch! Overall, Max Louis Creative provide customer-focused and “no fuss” social media services at affordable prices, which might be worth you considering! Contact us through our website or on our social media if you’d like to discuss this with us, with no obligations.

Social Media Manager

Of course, if you can’t afford a manager at this moment in time, you could always spend about half an hour a day scheduling posts using a scheduling software that we use like Buffer. Also, you could use this time to interact with others. Spending half an hour of your day doing this would be much better than using bots at all! This would be good if you’re just starting up, but investing in social media further down the line is 100% something to really think about.

I hope you found this blog useful and I’d love to know your thoughts. Do you use bots? Would you ever? Has this blog made you rethink? Please let me know below 🙂

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Having a brand with limited online presence is like having fries without salt. The fries are brilliant, but not adding salt is just a mistake. The brand is brilliant, but not having social media is a wasted opportunity. Add salt to your fries…get a social media manager!