How to refer MLC

Firstly, we want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has and does refer MLC to those who need our service. You help keep our team full with work!

To refer MLC simply introduce us to the person who needs our help through Email or Discord. Or just let them know to get in touch with us directly and mention they were referred by you. If they don’t tell us you referred them we won’t know, so be sure to let us know when you have sent someone to hire MLC!

Referral Rewards

When you refer MLC to someone and they hire us, you both get the benefit of discounts! The below table shows the discount rates you can earn from referrals for yourself and a friend.

Referral Project Value Discount Rate for You and Referee
Up to $2000 5%
$2001-$5000 7%
Over $5000 10% (capped at $1000)

Once a referral has been successful and project completed, you will get an email from MLC notifying you that you have a discount code available. This code is valid for 6 months can be used on any value order/project. The maximum discount is capped at $1000.


  1. You can’t refer the same person more than once. 
  2. The discount reward from a referral lasts for 6 months after you have received the email stating you have it available
  3. The referral rewards are only available when you refer a new customer to MLC. You cannot refer an existing MLC customer (a customer who has worked with MLC in the previous 18 months).
  4. MLC can change the policy and discount rates at any time at its discretion
  5. MLC can cancel your referral discount at any time at its discretion