Party Arena 3D Animations, Promo Art & Logo






Party Arena 3D Animations, Promo Art & Logo
21st November 2019
Client: Funture Games

Providing a master rig to allow multiple characters to share animations while still maintaining individual elements such as scarfs or a little fish for a head which then were animated to a fun, simple but effective style full of plenty of squash, stretch and some fun belly jiggle to boot! Going all the way through the animation pipeline to have unity usable animation fbx files for the client ready to plug into their systems. A couple of fun testing sessions to see our work shine and we were left with a very happy client! See the video for all the animations we created.

A few months later, we created their Steam artwork. You can see how we played around with the structure and character artwork until the final piece! Together, we decided a logo update was needed and so we created a new logo for them too!

Check out their awesome game here!

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