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M.E.K.A Blitz Art
11th June 2020
Client: M.E.K.A Blitz

Jim came to us wanting us to come up with art direction and give his game all the assets required to not only play beautifully, but also appeal to a wide audience.

We helped with a multitude of things including character and environment art, 3d models, sound design and promotional marketing materials. We worked together with Jim for 4 months to get MEKA done from start to finish. We’re all so happy we got to work with Jim on this project and multiple members of the MLC team worked together on this!

A short while later, we created his game trailer for launch! Check it out by scrolling to the bottom.

MLC has been an invaluable partner in bringing my game vision to reality. The artwork they produce is top-notch and they’re a joy to work with. As an indie game developer, partnering with MLC has been the best decision I’ve made. I can’t recommend them enough.
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