Branding and Logo Design

Every aspect, from colouring to position, has been imagined by the team at Max Louis Creative.


Tyrell studios focuses on a slightly corporate and darker tinted colour scheme. A simple logo is followed through with thin lines and minimum colour on larger spaces.

Tyrell’s branding makes use of negative space to emphasise important areas of content.


CSGO Magic is a new CSGO item winning site. We understood that these sites were already popular in the market and there were an abundance of different sites.

Knowing this, we strived to make this brand stand out from the rest of the crowd, bringing new ideas to the branding style of this market.


Biolab Studios are a new game development studio focused on bringing a variety of new games to the market.

Their new playful logo and vivid colours are unforgettable to their players, ensuring familiarity, no matter what Biolab Studios game they play.


Polish Your Life focuses on bringing out the greater side of you that already exists and polishing away the bad. This idea is to enhance confidence and bring out a far greater speaker within a person.

Using expertise, Polish Your Life aims to completely change a person’s perspective on their approach to public speaking.

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