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Music & Sound Design


Sound effects are what turn a project from good, to great. They create immersive atmospheres and tell a subtle story without anyone noticing.

Music & Composition

The soundtrack is a whole memorable layer that sets the mood and emotion of viewers. Better yet, we provide it at the top of the range.


Want help implementing your sounds into your project, or for syncing or dubbing? No problem, contact us now to see what we can do.


Making the sounds and music is just the first step. Taking it to the next level with premium quality, is what really makes your sound stand out.


Effects •  Music •  Voice Acting •  Mastering

Hip Hop Tracks

Chirpy Game Music

Fantasy Sound Pack

White Circle Sound Effects

Cowboy Sound Pack

Ludmila Sosa MLC Character drawings

Voice Overs

Contact us about your project!


Our sound lead Trevyn is a passionate and qualified sound effects designer with many works under his belt. Not only has he worked on game sound design, but also has a plethora of hip hop tracks and beats he has produced.


Greg is our man for coming up with unique fun sounds. Not only does Greg work with some great chirpy tunes, he also is a professionally trained voice actor.

Oshine comes with 27 unique and stunning demos. Each and every demo has been crafted with extensive care and precision and the theme is power packed yet easy to use.



We love creating new sounds and working with different visions.