Motion Capture for Indie Games

Affordable mocap services including recording, cleanup and final game-ready animations

Starting at $650 per day

Mocap | Motion Capture Services

Rokoko Smartsuit Pro

It is with Rokoko Studio’s amazing technology that we are able to offer industry low rates for motion capture, suitable for indie game developers looking to take animations beyond what manual key framing is capable of.

Mocap | Motion Capture Services

Motion Capture Quality

MoCap animations are recorded by a member of our team performing the movement in real time. We process them through the Rokoko AI that smoothens the animation followed by professional manual cleanup.



Captured by live movement to feel fluid and accurate to real life.


There are thousands of micro-animations that exist in the real world, only possible with motion capture.


We have brought this service to new industry low rates thanks to massive advances in technology.

Whats Included?

With the motion capture service from MLC you will receive the following