Why It’s Worth Getting Your Website Professionally Made

Why would you choose to have your website professionally made, when there are do-it-yourself options out there?

I’ll tell you why.

Making a website involves a lot more than just making it look pretty; websites are there to convert people into your customers, by persuading them to contact you. Your website is a huge, if not vital, element in this process.

Why is having a good website so important?

As human beings, we automatically judge websites as soon as we see them. Based on what we see, we make a quick assumption about the business and whether we want to use their services/buy their products. We don’t even realise we’re making this decision and it is based purely on what the site looks like! Weird, huh?

Well, not so weird actually. If a website looks disorganised, messy and difficult to use, then why would a person want to choose that business? The association between the bad website and the business has already been made, and so the business is also perceived to possess the same traits as the website.

Naturally, and sadly, we do judge a book by its cover.

A website gives your business a great online presence; not only are you easily accessible to your potential customers, but these people may become your actual customers because of your website. For example, if a website looks professional, the business behind it will come across as professional too.

Ultimately, more customers will come your way and your business will stand out from the crowd. This is what every single business wants!

Here is a great article, which highlights and reiterates my points about the importance of having a great website.

Man on website

So, what’s the difference between the outcome of a DIY website and a professionally made one?


There are so many more things that have to be thought about when designing/developing a site. We will list a few now, that may not have even crossed your mind!

  • Making it user-friendly
    • No one wants to find your website difficult to use!
  • The positioning of pictures/text
    • What parts of the page will your site visitors be drawn to?
  • Deciding the route that visitors will take
    • How will your visitors get from one place to another?
  • Drawing people in
    • How will you make your site enticing?
  • Target audience
    • An elderly audience may need to read a larger text size, for example.
  • Site logistics
    • How well does the site come up on Google? Who will host the site? Is there a good amount of call-to-actions? Does it load fast? Is it intuitive?

It is clear that there are so many things to think about, which could be seen as the ‘behind the scenes’ of website creation. There are so many more than the ones we’ve listed, too! You may look at this list and, understandably, think “I can’t do all of that!”. A website developer and designer would be able too, though.

Having a professional website could be a difference that amounts to an enormous number of sales and customers. It is much more likely to convert your page visits into actual customers.

Coding a website

Don’t be fooled…

Generally, people paint web designers/developers in a bad light and try to deter others from hiring one. Why? All sorts of reasons come up, such as…

  • It costs too much money when there are DIY sites out there to use instead
  • They aren’t trustworthy because they try to get as much money as possible out of you


Firstly, it can be said that having your website professionally made is very expensive. However, it is a very specialised area and takes time and effort to perfect a website to the customer’s needs, which is why it can cost a lot. Doing it yourself IS DOABLE, but if you do have the budget for it, then I’d definitely recommend you get it done professionally.

Obviously, there is a risk that a web designer may try to fool you into spending way more than you should because they claim to have ‘secret programs’ for design. All sites are mainly made up of HTML, PHP, Javascript and CSS, so if a web developer/designer says that they have anything other than this, then they could be lying to you to get more money from you!

However, this doesn’t make ALL website designers/developers like this. You’d be pretty unlucky to come across someone like this; for the most part, they just want to make your website look the best it can be, with no hidden agenda behind it!

What can we learn from this?

Having somebody make your website means that you can have anything you want on it; web developers can make your website into anything you want. You can completely relax, knowing that someone else is putting time and effort into your website, so you can use this time to focus on other aspects of your business!

Overall, a professionally made website will lead to…

  • More customers contacting you/buying your products/using your services
  • A fantastic online presence for your business
  • Your business coming across very professionally
  • Your business standing out from the competition
  • Page visits converting into your customers

This aim of this blog isn’t to make you think that DIY websites aren’t the way to go. In fact, I think that if you have a really low budget, then definitely go for the DIY option. It doesn’t mean that your website will be terrible at all – I just think that if you have the budget for it, it is easier and better to have it done professionally. All in all, a professionally built website does lead to more customers contacting you about what you do and also make you stand out from your competition, but it is not to say that a DIY website wouldn’t be as good.

How can we help you?

To finish this blog, if you have taken these comments on board and have decided that you would actually like to have your website professionally made, then Max Louis Creative offer two routes when it comes to web design/development. Here is the page, telling you more about the service.

ROUTE 1: Have a low budget? MLC’s website designer can create a WordPress site for you. It is easily maintainable and you can set your own theme!

ROUTE 2: MLC’s website developer can build your website completely from scratch. It will be YOUR site, to your taste and exactly how you want it to be.

*USEFUL NOTE: a website designer and website developer are two different things – a website designer decides where things should be placed on the site, in order to get the best out of it, whereas a website developer actually builds the site.*

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