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Our passion is helping indie game developers achieve their best potential. This is a free service.

Access to Publishers

Publishers can be hard to develop relationships with or offer difficult terms to agree to as a game developer. We’ll give you access to our reputable publisher network if your game is a good fit.

Discounted Services and Perks

We have a game-changing creative resource available to you at all times. Get access to all our creative services at 10% off for as long as you are a Foundry member. Discounts are also available from Oleso and Trax Hosting.

Discounted Event Space

When the world allows for it again, we are looking to offer discounted event space of up to 20% off at events such as EGX, Gamescom and PAX in the US, UK and Europe.

Free Exclusive Membership

MLC Foundry is an exclusive members-only community of developers. We look for developers that are dedicated to the games industry or to the dream of launching their first game.

  • We don’t limit access by experience
  • We don’t limit access by achievements
  • We do limit based on professionalism and integrity
  • We do limit based on your current or past project

Powered by Game Devs

Foundry is a new initiative and currently is in beta. We’ll continue to develop new perks and we plan to introduce gamification to our community. Help steer which direction Foundry takes to make sure it benefits you and your studio.

Caring and Genuine Community

We’re dedicated to supporting and making as many games successful as we possibly can. We want to see more independent game developers break into the crowded market of games. Bringing the power of many, to a shared goal.

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