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Design is constantly changing, but clean and clear designs are timeless.

Simple yet complicated

As the saying goes, good design is obvious, great design is transparent. 

Great quality

With so many ways design can be viewed – phone, desktop, tablet, print. We make sure our designs look great everywhere.

User experience

Whether your design is on a website, or a mobile app, we make it flow naturally for the user.

Many types

Are team are here to help with any design you throw at them: banners, print, apparel, marketing, branding, whatever you need, we can help.


Our designs do more than just look good, they tell someone a story without them even knowing.

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Design is Everything

Presentation in any industry is crucial. You could either just show some text, or create a full display. We believe everyone should make the most of having all the space they need on the web or in print, and present information to their customers in the most effiecent and beautiful way. It’s not just how it looks, but how it makes a person feel.

Professionalism and Impression

Design gives your business credibility, professionalism and a fantastic first impression. It’s undoubtly important to anyone, that they get the design they need. Be it a logo, banner or general print marketing, we have you covered.


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Gameway Rebrand


The French Room

MLC created the brand The French Room for me from scratch and worked out an effective, friendly marketing plan that has resulted in hundreds of new students signing up for our services.

They understood the business and listened carefully to what would appeal to our customers and now the results speak for themselves.


Max has been passionate about design for many years. From working on social media marketing, to creating a full brand, Max has worked in a range of styles. After finishing his qualification in Digital Mixed Media, he found his love steered toward quality design.


Gabby is our logo specialist who creates brilliant concepts for branding. She has been improving her skills in design over time and has reached a peak with them. Gabby is a fun and energetic, ready to start your brand.

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