As some of you may know, Max Louis Creative are a team of freelancers from all over the world, including Argentina, Germany, Canada and of course, the UK and US. There are currently 10 creative team members (not all pictured below and yes, the ladies are slightly outnumbered at the moment!). However, we are often asked “How can you possibly work together successfully if you all live so far apart and haven’t even met?”. Well, this is why this blog post has been created, to show you HOW and WHY we work as an international team!

Why we work as an international team…

Not restricted

MLC isn’t restricted by local geographical area. Freelancers from all over the world can be a part of the MLC team. Obviously, this is a great advantage because it gives MLC access to thousands of creators.


Due to the team being from all over the world, everyone has different lives, cultures and backgrounds. We love the diversity of MLC, it’s something we thrive on and love the most. Tech startups and indie game developers love our young and globally cultured team.


Max Louis Creative team

A variety of talent

Being from different cultures means that everyone has such a variety of talent due to different learning environments and different experiences. This makes us exciting and diverse, which of course is great! We also learn from each other, as explained by our web developer Dave: “I like being part of an international team because I enjoy learning from other folks and reciprocating likewise“.

It works both ways…

As well as having team members from all over the world, we work on all sorts of projects from all over the world too! If we were UK based only, it’s unlikely that we would be able to work on a Hawaiian project. Yes, we actually have worked with some people from Hawaii on their project before! This is not only amazing but it’s also great to spread our talent worldwide and meet some amazing developers from different places (online!). This is becoming increasingly common in workplaces in almost every industry; companies are no longer limited by local work only.

An excuse to visit the country!

Of course, the most exciting part of all of this is the fact that we can visit lots of countries to meet our team members and also people that we have worked with. This could be at a conference in another country or during a holiday!

So, with this in mind, HOW do we work as an international team?


The MLC team talk daily in a big group chat on Discord. We have different sections, such as “general” where we chat about anything and everything (at this moment in time, everything World Cup related!) or “work share”, where the team shares work they’ve done outside of MLC. Not only that, but the creative director (Max) regularly has voice call meetings with the team and also talks to individual team members on a one-to-one basis on specific projects they are working on. We have custom channels dedicated to all of our projects which coincide with Trello boards (if you haven’t checked Trello out before, you definitely should. It’s a great organisation tool!).

It’s a common misconception that time zones of a global team are an issue when it comes to communication. In reality, no one in the team is more than 6 hours apart from each other which isn’t a challenge, especially with today’s selection of management tools. Everyone in the team works beyond the ‘usual working hours’ of 9 to 5. So, time differences are not a challenge for team MLC!

Work together on big projects

Having such a variety of talent allows us to work on larger projects where multiple team members can collaborate. This is great fun and works incredibly well for both the client and the MLC team.

Even though only some of us have met in real life, the MLC team is a tight-knit family. We genuinely love talking about and working on projects together. Although we are all from different countries, backgrounds and cultures, we all have one thing in common. We are all freelancers. This means that everyone is passionate about what they do and they deliver to the best possible. Having this value is a great drive for our international team and makes us stronger than ever.

Our artist, Ludmila, sums everything up perfectly: “The fact that we can function as a team comes from each of us. So, we see it as possible, we work as if we are all physically together in the same room. Working in a team is not for everyone, but it works for us. We have the mentality and the adaptability to make this a positive experience and, with that, we bond with each other because we know the struggles of being freelancers. The most positive thing we have is our positive personality and hard work.

International team Max Louis Creative

Are we meeting up?

YES! The majority of us are finally going to be meeting up in LA next year (!) for the E3 conference. We’re so excited to go to E3 as a team. It will be great to meet everyone and hopefully get some team pictures. We are looking forward to the whole E3 experience itself too!

Of course, if we could all meet up more regularly in person, that would be fantastic. However, it isn’t necessary, which we believe is an important point to make. We work because we are a team and that doesn’t require knowing each other in person. We are all passionate about what we do and all want to develop our skills. Plus, this way, we save a lot of money that we would have spent on regular and local coffee meet-ups! 🙂

So, are any of you reading this who are part of an international/global/virtual team? Would you agree with the benefits we have listed? Are there any that you would add? Comment below!

P.S. We’re not the only business in the world who has an online, international team! Here are some benefits other businesses have listed, to further prove that being part of an online team really does work!